Yale Divinity News (New Haven: Yale Divinity School, 192u-1965) ISSN: 0364-8613
NCL 1932-1960*

Yearbook of Nations
LSF 1856

Yearbook of the Church of England: Diocese of Adelaide and Diocese of Willochra (Adelaide: Church Office)
PHL 1930-1936

Yes (London: Church Missionary Society)
SJC 1972-2009, YRE Current year

York Journal of Convocation (London: Church Information Office)
LPL 1874-*, PHL 1859-1948, WSC 1960-1984*

The York Quarterly (York: Diocese of York, Church of England, 1956-1961)
NCL 1956-1959, PHL 1957-1961*, QCL 1957-1961

Yorkshire Branch Notes : WHS Yorkshire Branch
JWC 1962-, WCB 1981-*

Yorkshire Congregational Yearbook
DWL 1923-1970*

Yorkshireman : a religious and literary journal by a Friend ([Pontefract] [ceased publication])
LSF 1833-1837, NCL 1833-1838, WBC 1833-1837

Young Days [n.p.], 1876-1916
DWL 1876-1916

Young Friend (Philadelphia)
LSF 1948-1966*

The Young Herald
NCL 1895-1898

Young India
LSF 1930-1931*

Young Methodism
WCB 1937

Young People Now (Leicester: National Youth Agency)
BBC 2000-, MOR 1990-*, NTC 1996-, RID 1998-2005, SJC 1999-2007

Young People’s Treasury and Little Gleaner
RPC 1887-1912

Young Quaker
LSF 1956-, WBC 1967-

Young Quaker (series 1)
LSF 1922-1925

Young Scotland : the Church of Scotland’s Magazine for Youth (Edinburgh; Glasgow: Church of Scotland Committee on Youth, 19uu-uuuu)
NCL 1924-1936

NCL 1892-1900

Youth Action (Leicester: National Youth Agency, 19uu-)
SJC 1999-2009

Youth Action and Engagement (Leicester: National Youth Agency, 19uu-)
SJC 2005-2007*

Youth and Policy: the journal of critical analysis (Leicester: National Youth Agency)
BBC 2000-, NTC 1998-, RID 1998-2001, SJC 1999-2009

Youth Clubs
MOR 1992-1997*

Youth Policy Update (Leicester: National Youth Agency)
SJC 1999-2008

Youth Work : ideas, resources and guidance for youth ministry (New Malden: Trinity Square)
ANC 1997-, BFB 2 years, MOR 1992-, NTC 1993-, OHC 1993-, RCL 1992-*, RID 1998-, SJC 1999-, WBM 1994-

Youth work now
SJC 2007-2010

Youth: a Magazine for Church and Home
NCL 1892-1900

Youth’s Christian Guide
NCL 1831

Youth’s Friend
LSF 1914-1915

Youth’s Instructor and Guardian (London : J. Mason)
JWC 1826,1844

Youth’s Magazine: or Evangelical Miscellany (London : Youth’s Magazine)
NCL 1812-1814

Youthworker Update
MOR 1992-1997*

Youthworker Nashville: CCM Communications
MOR 1996-*, OHC 2003-

Youthworker: the contemporary journal for youth ministry
BBC 2001-

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