UBS Bulletin [United Bible Society]
RCL 1970-1982*

Ugarit-Forschungen (Kevelaer: Verlag Butzon & Bercker) ISSN: 0342-2356
NCL 1969-2017

UK Youth (London: Youth Clubs U.K.)
MOR 2001-

Ulster Bulwark
UTC 2001-2011*

Ulster Christian
UTC 1996-2000*

Ulster Protestant
UTC 1960*, 1964-1966*

Una Sancta (Meitingen: Kyrios) [was Ein Rufnach Christenheit]
HEY 1955-1958*, 1959-, LPL 1946-*, PHL 1925-1927,1965-1973

Unda (Fribourg: Éditions UNDA, 19uu-)
MVI current year

Unio Cum Christo ISSN: 2380-5412
UST 2015-

L’Union Chrétienne (Paris: Bureaux de Rédaction et d’Administration)
PHL 1859-1871

Union Magazine [United Free Church of Scotland]
NCL 1901-1903

Union Review: A Magazine of Catholic Literature and Art (London: J.T.Hayes)
HEY 1864,1867,1869, NCL 1863-1875, PHL 1862-1875

Union Review [Students of Union Theological Seminary]
NCL 1925, 1939

Union Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul
PHL 1919-1932

Union Seminary Quarterly Review (New York: The Students of Union Theological Seminary, 1945-)
NCL 1946-2016*, RCC 1971-1991*, UTC 1957-1967*

Union Seminary Review [A Presbyterian Quarterly]
NCL 1925-1939*

Union Theological Seminary: Alumni Bulletin
see Alumni Bulletin of the Union Theological Seminary

Union Theological Seminary: Bulletin
NCL 1921-1925

The Unitarian (New York: David Felt, 1827-1828)
DWL 1827-1828

Unitarian : a monthly magazine of Liberal Christianity (Boston, etc.: G.H.Ellis, 1886-1897)
DWL 1886-1893

Unitarian Advocate and Religious Miscellany (Boston: L.C.Bowles, 1830-1832)
DWL 1830-1832

Unitarian and Free Church Handbook and Directory
NCL current year

Unitarian Baptist Advocate (London: G.Smallfield & Son)
DWL 1837-1839, NCL 1837-1838

Unitarian Bible Magazine
DWL 1902-1905

Unitarian Christian Herald
DWL 1991-

Unitarian Christian Magazine
DWL 1883-1884

Unitarian Chronicle : and Companion to the Monthly Repository (London: C. Fox, 1832-1833)
DWL 1832-1833

Unitarian Fund Register
DWL 1822-1825

Unitarian Herald (Manchester: Unitarian Herald Office, 1861-1889)
DWL 1861-1880*

Unitarian Historical Society
RPC 1917-1978

Unitarian Historical Society Transactions
see Transactions of the Unitarian Historical Society

Unitarian Magazine and Chronicle (London: C.Fox, 1834-1835)
DWL 1834-1835

Unitarian Review
DWL 1874-1875

Unitarian Universalist Christian
LKH 2003-

Unitarian. A magazine for Free Christians
DWL 1947-1967, LKH 1998-*

Unitas : international quarterly review of ecumenism (New York: Graymoor Press, 1949-1968)
HEY 1949-1967*, LPL 1949-1968*, NCL 1959-1968*

Unitas: the Newsletter of the Catholic League (London: Catholic League) [was Catholic League Newsletter]
PHL 2007-2011*

Unité Chrétienne (Lyon: Unité Chrétiene) [was Pages Documentaires]
KCL 1967-1988*, LPL 1970-1981*

Unité des Chrétiens (Paris: Association pour l’Unité des Chrétiens, 1971-)
LPL 1971-, PHL 1982-1983

United Brethren Missions
NCL 1836-1844

United Church Review [United Church of Northern India]
NCL 1966-1970*

United Free Church Magazine
NCL 1904-1906

United Free Church of Scotland: Missionary Records
NCL 1901-1970

United Friend [Philadelphia]
LSF 1894-1897, WBC 1894-1897

United Methodist Free Churches’ Magazine (London: William Reed, 1858-1891) [became United Methodist Magazine]
JWC 1858-1869*

United Methodist Magazine [was United Methodist Free Churches Magazine]
JWC 1916*,1929*

United Presbyterian Church
NCL 1863-1874

United Presbyterian Church in the US. General Assembly Minutes
NCL 1958-1982

The United Presbyterian Magazine (Edinburgh: Oliphant, 1847-1900)
NCL 1847-1862

United Reformed Church Year Book
LKH 1974-

United Associate Synod Secession Magazine (Edinburgh: M.Paterson, 1833-1846)
NCL 1833-1846

United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Review (London: USPG, 19uu-)
LPL 1964-

United States Catholic Historical Society: Records and Studies
NCL 1903-1964

United States Catholic Magazine and Monthly Review (Baltimore: J. Murphy)
HEY 1844-1845

Unity Digest (London: General Synod, Council for Christian Unity)
SJC 1991-2003, WSC 1992-2003*, YRE 1991-

Unity Pulpit (Boston: G.H.Ellis, 1879-1896)
DWL 1883-1896*

Universal Theological Magazine (London: Vidler)
DWL 1804-1805, RPC 1802-1804

LSF 1979-, WBC 1979-

Universalist Friends
LSF 1986-, WBC 1993-

Universalist Historical Society. Journal (Boston, Mass.: The Society)
DWL 1967-

Universalist’s Miscellany
RPC 1797-1799

Universatis: A German Review of the Arts and the Sciences
NCL 1956-1971

Universidad Pontificia : revista de la universidad pontificica [Salamanca]
HEY 1962*

Université Catholique (Paris: E.J.Bailly)
HEY 1836-1840

The University of Dayton Review (Dayton, OH: University of Dayton)
HEY 1986-*

University Staffs’ Christian Fellowship Broadsheet
UTC 1968-1987

Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament
HEY 1926-1929*

Update [became Areopagus]
LST 1983-1986

Update (London: Frontier Youth Trust)
SJC 1997-

Urban Bulletin [was City Cries]
SJC 2001-

Urban Church Project
OHC 1975-1983

Urban Connections
SPC 1995-1996

Urban Mission (Philadelphia: Westminster Theological Seminary, [ceased publication 1999])
ANC 1983-1999, LST 1983-1999, MOR 1990-1999*, NTC 1983-1999, RCL 1984-1999*, SJC 1991-1999, SPC 1990-1999, UTC 1984-1997*

URC Reformed Quarterly
LKH 1989-1995

URC Waldensian Newsletter
LKH Current year

Ushaw Library Bulletin and Liturgical Review (Durham: Ushaw Library)
OHC 1997-, SAC 1999-, SJC 1996-2004

Usus Antiquior
SSH 2010-2012

LKH 2000-2002*

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