Ladies’ League Gazette (London: Ladies’ League for the Defence of the Reformed Faith of the Church of England, 1900-1903) [became Church of England League Gazette]
LPL 1900-1903

Ladoc (Lima, Peru)
ANC 1988-1998, NCL 1996-2002 *

Laity (Geneva: World Council of Churches)
NCL 1956-1968, UTC 1965-1968*, WCB 1956-1968*

Laity Exchange
LKH 1977-1992, NCL 1978-1986*, WSC 1975-1990

Laity Today – Review (Vatican City: Pontifical Council for the Laity)
HEY 1993-

Laity Today : bulletin of the ‘Consilium pro Laicis’ (Vatican City: Pontifical Council for the Laity) [became Laity today-review]
HEY 1968-1990*

Laity Today : documentation service (Vatican City: Pontifical Council for the Laity)
HEY 1993-

Laity Today : Information service (Vatican City: Pontifical Council for the Laity)
HEY 1981-*

Lambeth Daily (Canterbury: Lambeth Conference 1998. Lambeth Daily Office, 1998)
LPL 1998

Lambeth Palace Library Annual Report (London: Lambeth Palace Library)
LPL 1953-

Landas : journal of Loyola School of Theology (Quezon City, Philippines: Loyola Institute for Studies on Development of Man and Society 1987-)
HEY 1987-

LandMarc (MARC Europe)
ANC 1989-1993, NTC 1987-1992, RCL 1986-1993*, UTC 1986-1993*

Latimer Briefings
OHC 1992-1996

Latimer Comments
OHC Vol.1-39*

Latimer Focus
OHC 2000-

Latimer Studies (Oxford: Latimer House)
NCL 1978-, OHC 1978-

Latimer: Latimer fellowship of new Zealand
OHC 1966-1992

Latin America Pastoral Issues (Latin American Evangelical Centre for Pastoral Studies (CELEP))
UTC 1987.1990

Latin America Pulse (Wheaton, IL: Evangelical Missions Information Service) [became World Pulse]
ANC 1971-1983, RCL 1975-1983*

Latin American Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies
NCL 1977-1984

Latinamerica Press (Lima, Peru: Noticias Aliadas)
ANC 1992-1993,1999-, LST 1985-1999

Laudate : the quarterly review of the Benedictine Community of Nashdom
HEY 1923-1953*, LPL 1923-1953, PHL 1923-1953

Laurentianum (Roma: Collegio S Lorenzo da Brindisi)
HEY 1962-1985*

Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism Bulletin
ANC 1998-

Lausanne Link (MARC Europe)
ANC 1989-1991, NTC 1990-1991, RCL 1990-1991*

Lausanne Occasional Papers (London: Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization)
LST, OHC 1978-1982*

Law and Justice
SPC 2006-*

The Lay Preacher
RPC 1880-1882

Lay Preachers’ Federation Newsletter
RPC 1947-1958

Layman [+ Christian stewardship supplement 1959-1960]
LPL 1905-1906, NCL 1965-1967, RPC 1918-2008

Layman and Christian Stewardship
NCL 1960-1964

Layman’s Work (Geneva: World Council of Churches)
NCL 1953-1954*

Le’Ela : a journal of Judaism today (London: Office of the Chief Rabbi and Jews’ College, 1975- [was L’Eylah]
KCL 1989-1995, LST 1985-1995, NCL 1988-2001, OHC 1987-1995

Leadership : a practical journal for church leaders (Carol Stream, IL: Christianity Today Inc.) ISSN: 0199-7661
ANC 1991-, BBC 1994-, LST 1980-, MOR 1980-, OHC 1980-, RCL 1982-1992*, RID 1997-, SJC 1986-2000, SPC 1980-2016*, UTC 1980-2016*, WBM 1982-*, UST 1990-2016, WYC 1994-

Leadership Today (New Malden: Elm House Christian Communications)
RCL 1987-1988*, UTC 1987-1988

Leading Light : Christian faith and contemporary culture (London: C.S.Lewis Centre) [was Gospel and Culture]
ANC 1993-1995, LST 1993-1995, RCL 1994-1996*

Leaflets on Orthodoxy (Powys: Mynachdy Sant Elias) [became Orthodox Observer]
PHL 1966-1967

Learn and Share (Nairobi: Life Challenge Africa)
ANC 1994-

Learning for Living (London: Christian Education Movement) ISSN 0023-9704 [became British Journal of Religious Education]
SPC 1974-1978, NCL 1961-1978, SAC 1961-1978*, UTC 1965-1971, 1974-1975, 1978*, QCL 1962-1978, WCB 1972-1978

Leavenings: Newsletter of the Quaker Performing Arts Project
LSF 1988-, WBC 1979-

Lebendiges Zeugnis von unserer lieben Frau (Paderborn)
HEY 1957-1958*

Lectio Difficilior http://www.lectio.unibe.ch

Leeds University Oriental Society – Annual (Leiden: Brill, 1958-)
NCL 1958-1973

Lesbian and Gay Christian (Movement Journal) [was Gay Christian]
SJC 1989-2001, WCB 1987-1989*

Lesbian and Gay Christians and their friends
LKH Current year

Letter from Taizé (Communaute de Taizé: Presses de Taizé)
NCL 1970-1985, UTC 1971-1975*, WCB 1975-*, YRE 1990-

Lettera Quacchera (Italy)
LSF 1992-*, WBC 1994-

Letters and notices (London: Jesuit Information Office)
HEY 1862-

Lettre Circulaire
LSF 1943-1944

Lettres de Rome (English ed.)
HEY 1937*

Lettres des Amis (France) [was Vie Quaker 1968-1983]
LSF 1984-, WBC 1984-

Lettres Fraternelle
LSF 1942-1967*, WBC 1952-1968

NCL 1969-1996 +index

Levinas Studies
NCL 2005-2014

Lex Orandi (Louisville, Kentucky: Prayer Book Society)
PHL 1987*

Lexington Theological Quarterly (Lexington, Ky.)
DWL 1966-

Liberal Churchman
RCC 1904-1908

The Liberal Evangelical: the Bulletin of the Anglican Evangelical Group Movement [was Bulletin of the Anglican Evangelical Group Movement]
SPC 1945-1967*

Liberation Society News
RPC 1947-1948

Liberator (London: Society for the Liberation of Religion from State-Patronage and Control)
DWL 1861-1924, UST 1876-1885

Librarians’ Christian Fellowship Newsletter
LKH 1986-2005*, RCL 1983-*, UTC 1979-1995*

Library History
HEC 1971-2004

Library History Group Newsletter (Library Association / Cilip)
HEC 1987-2007

Library of Liturgiology and Ecclesiology
DWL 1902-1911

Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society
HEC 1946-

Liddon House Occasional Papers (London: Liddon House)
PHL 1909-1920

Life and Work (Edinburgh: Church of Scotland)
NCL 1880-1929, NTC 1993-1994*, UTC 1985-1999*,2006-*

Life and Worship (The Society of St. Gregory) [became Music and Liturgy 1974]
NCL 1970

Life of Faith (London: Life of Faith)
PHL 1977*, UST 1954-1956, 1975-1977, UTC 1951*,

Life of Faith Monthly
UTC 1978-1980*

Life of the Spirit : a Blackfriars review (Oxford: Blackfriars Publications) [became Blackfriars]
HEY 1947-1963, QCL 1946-1957, UST 1943-1964, WSC 1947-1964

Light and Life: an unsectarian Magazine of Mystic Literature
NCL 1886

Light and Salt (London: CARE) [was CARE Review]
ANC 1994-, MOR 1994-1997, OHC 1994-1997

Light in Darkness: the Waldensian review
UTC 1958-1970*

Light on the Way
DWL 1893-1897

Lindfield Reporter
LSF 1835-1842, WBC 1835-1842

Linguistics and Philosophy (Dordrecht: D.Reidel, 1977-)
ISSN: 0165-0157
KCL 1977-

Link (London, 1995-) [was Outpost: Diocese of Victoria, Hong Kong [and] South China]
LPL 1995-

LKH Current year

Lion and Lamb
UTC 1994-2008*

Literature and Theology : an international journal of religion, theory and culture (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987-)
HEY 1987-, LST 1998-2003, LKH 1988-, NCL 1987-2011, SAC 2000-, SJC 1987-2010

Liturgical Arts (New York: Liturgical Arts Society)
HEY 1967-1969*

Liturgical Ministry (Collegeville MN: The Liturgical Press)
LKH 2002-, HEY 2002-

Liturgical Review
NCL 1972-1981, RCC 1976-1981, UTC 1972-1981*, WSC 1972-1981

Liturgical Studies
NCL 1971, RCC 1971-1975, UTC 1971

Liturgie und Monchtum (Freiburg: Herder)
HEY 1948-1950

Liturgiegeschichtliche Forschungen [became Liturgiewissenschaftliche Quellen und Forschungen]
HEY 1919-1927*

Liturgiegeschichtliche Quellen [merged with Liturgiegeschichtliche Forschungen]
HEY 1918-1927*

Liturgiewissenschaftliche Quellen und Forschungen
HEY 1928-1960*

Liturgisches Jahrbuch : Vierteljahreshefte für Fragen des Gottesdienstes (Münster: Aschendorff)
HEY 1953-1964*,1972-, NCL 1951-2005

Liturgy (London: Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales Liturgy Commission)
HEY 1976-1994*,1995-, MVI 1945-82,1994-1996, NCL 1953-1969, SAC 1976-*, SJC 1981-, SSH 1976-2000*, WCB 1976-1996*

Liturgy (USA) (Washington, DC: Liturgy Conference, 1956-)
SJC 1981-2002, TCB -1989

Liturgy : the quarterly of the Society of St.Gregory (Exeter: Society of St Gregory)
HEY 1958-1969*, SAC 1947-1969*

Liverpool Unitarian Annual
DWL 1892-1895

Living light : an interdisciplinary review of Catholic religious education, catechesis and pastoral ministry (New York : W.H Sadlier, 1964-) (US Catholic Conference)
HEY 1974-1984, MVI 1965-1987,1999-2004

The Living Pulpit (Bronx, NY: Living Pulpit, 1992-)
SPC 2001-2004

Living Spirituality News
LKH 1999-

Living Stones [ceased publication]
LPL 1987-1993, PHL 1987-1992

Living Word (Alwaye, Kerala: Pontifical Institute)
HEY 1961-*

Living Worship
NCL 1970-1974

Local History Magazine
RPC 1997-2009

Local Preachers’ Magazine & Christian Family Record [was Local Preachers’ Magazine & Mutual – Aid Association Reporter]
JWC 1853-1854

Local Preachers’ Magazine & Mutual – Aid Association Reporter [became Local Preachers’ Magazine & Christian Family Record]
JWC 1852

The Locke Newsletter (Lancaster: University of Lancaster York: University of York, 1970-)
ISSN: 0307-2606
DWL 1970-, HEY 1970-1976,1978-

Logique et Analyse (Louvain: Editions Nauwelaerts, 1958-)
KCL 1958-1987

Logos (Colombo: Centre for Society and Religion)
DWL 1910-1921, HEY 1972-, MVI 2007-

Logos & Pneuma : Chinese Journal of Theology
See: Daofeng Jidu jiao wen hua ping lun

London and Dublin Orthodox Journal of Useful Knowledge (London: P.&M. Andrews)
HEY 1835-1845*

London and Westminster Review
DWL 1836-1840

London Baptist Association Reports
SPC 1834-1856,1866-1960

London Baptist Building Fund
RPC 1826-1991

London Baptist Lay Preachers Association
UST 1920-1926, 1939-1940, 1944, 1954

London Baptist Preachers’ Association
RPC 1905-2005

London Bible College Centre for Islamic Studies Newsletter
UST 1997-2008

London Christian Instructor
DWL 1818-1824

London Churchman
LPL 1950-1966*

London Diocese Book
LPL 1865-

London Mercury (London: The Field Press, 1919-1939) [was The Bookman]
HEY 1919-1922*

London Missionary Society Quarterly Chronicle
NCL 1820-1824, 1837-1840

London Missionary Society Reports
NCL 1795-1814, 1819-1964

London Quarterly and Holborn Review (London: Epworth Press) [was Holborn Review and London Quarterly Review] [became Church Quarterly]
DWL 1876-1968, LKH 1912-1968, NCL 1932-1967*, NTC 1935-1968*, QCL 1932-1968, SAC 1962-1968*, SPC 1964-1966,1968, UTC 1912-1930*,1949*, WCB 1932-1966, WESC 1932-1965

London Quarterly Review (1863-1931) [was London Review]
NTC 1895,1898,1899-1917, QCL 1863-1931, WCB 1863-1931*, WESC 1914-1932*

London Quarterly Review (1853-1857) [became London Review]
QCL 1853-1857, WCB 1853-1857*

London Review [was London Quarterly Review 1853-1857] [became London Quarterly Review 1863-1931]
DWL 1835-1836, QCL 1858-1862*, WCB 1858-1862

London Urban Theology Project Journal

London Yearly Meeting: testimonies concerning deceased ministers
LSF 1837-1867

London Young Friend
LSF 1939-1941

London Young Friends Newsletter
LSF 1957-1973; 1983

Lonergan Workshop
NCL 1983-1985

Look ! The Missionary News Digest (WEC)
ANC 1974-1982, RPC 1975-1995

Look Hear ! (London: Christian Education Movement / AVA Magazine)
NTC 1988-1996, SJC 1989-1998, YRE 1990-1997*

Louvain Studies : a quarterly review of the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University of Louvain (Louvain: American College, 1966-)
HEY 1996-, NCL 2000-2021, SAC 1995-*

Lowe’s Magazine
NCL 1846-1848

Lucas (Sydney: Evangelical History Association)
LST 1989-, OHC 1989-2001

Lumen Vitae : international review of religious education (Brussels: International Centre for Studies in Religious Education)
HEY 1946-1983, MVI 1961-1982, NCL 1946-1998, SJC 1972-1984YRE 1983-1985

Lumière et Vie : revue de formation et de réflexion théologique (Lyon: Lumière et Vie, 1951-)
HEY 1953-, KCL 1965-1974*, NCL 1954-2009

Luther Jahrbuch
NCL 1919-2004

Lutheran Link
WSC 2000-2005*

Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg, PA: 1921-)
KCL 1980-1991*

Lutheran World (Geneva: Lutheran World Federation) [became Lutheran World Federation Documentation]
HEY 1959-1977, LPL 1959-1977, NCL 1954-1977

Lutheran World Federation Documentation (Geneva: Lutheran World Federation) [was Lutheran World]
HEY 1978-, LPL 1980-*, NCL 1978-2011

Lutheran World Federation Press Service [became Lutheran World Information]
LPL 1962-*

Lutheran World Federation Report (Geneva: Lutheran World Federation)
HEY 1978-, LPL 1978-*, NCL 1978-1990

Lutherischer Rundblick (Vierteljahreszeit für Kirche und Theologie)
NCL 1962-1971*

Lutherisches Rundschau (Zeitschrift des Lutherischen Weltbundes)
NCL 1953-1971

LWF Documentation
see Lutheran World Federation Documentation

LWF Report
see Lutheran World Federation Report

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