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Welcome to the ABTAPL Journals List

The Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries’ Journals List is a union catalogue of periodicals held by some of our members. It’s here to help you identify a library that has resources you might be able to use.

Search the alphabetical pages by the title of the journal you are interested in. A three-letter code will show which library holds the title. An asterisk (*) next to the dates reflects that the holdings are incomplete in the stated time frame. Click on the Libraries page to see which library this is and then email the library to arrange a visit or request an Inter Library Loan.

About Us

The Association of British Theological & Philosophical Libraries is a membership organisation for those working in libraries containing theological, philosophical and related materials.

ABTAPL provides an informal network for consultation, advice and support in both individual and continuing professional matters. 

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ABTAPL Inter-Library-Loan Scheme – abbreviated rules

Copies may be supplied, subject to copyright law and at the discretion of the individual libraries. A declaration should be sent to the requesting library for a personal signature by the person making the request and returned to the supplying library. Please provide as many details as possible when requesting an article or volume. Libraries may not ask several libraries for the same item simultaneously.

Libraries may request original volumes rather than electronic copies. The requesting library should ensure that any item loaned is well cared for and returned promptly. If an item is lost or damaged it should be replaced or paid for. The loan period is at the discretion of the lending library but should be clearly stated.

Libraries receiving requests should endeavour to deal with them as quickly as possible, the standard aim being to deal with them the day they are received. If the item cannot be supplied or the library declines to lend it, a response should be made straight away to allow the requesting library to source the material elsewhere. If the library declines to lend the item it would be helpful to state whether the requesting reader may travel to consult it in the holding library. Some books may be lent for use in the requesting library on the understanding that they are not removed from that library.

For full rules and regulations, see ABTAPL Interlending Guidelines.